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I am an ex-SEU student and now an ACC student.

Bling Bling!

I treat my textbooks incredibly well. I do not make notations in them and rather write them on a piece of paper. I do not highlight and I most often keep a book cover on them or store them in a safe place. Read on, my fellow textbook peers.

Books I have to sell:

Mathematical Ideas, 9th Ed., by Miller, Heeren, & Hornsby for SEU class MATH 1312 "Math for Liberal Arts Majors"
Brand new, almost. I am the first owner and I used it for 1/2 a semester. Usually costs $80 to 100 bucks used.

Comparing Cultures : Readings on Contemporary Japan for American Writers (Paperback, 1995)
Author: Merry I. White, Sylvan Barnet for SEU Class CULF 1318 "Module II" and/or East Meets West.
Gently used, bought from the SEU bookstore. Some bent pages but no notes or hightlighting on pages.

Books I need:

Animal Behavior : An Evolutionary Approach (Hardcover, 2001) Other Editions...
Author: John Alcock pref. the 2001 edition.

Prealgebra (Paperback, 2002) edition 2
Author: Jamie Blair, Jeffrey Slater, John Tobey

Thanks for stopping by.
Great community, btw, to whoever started it. :o)
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