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Anthr/Math/Eng/Govern Name Your Own Price!

Don't pay for shipping, let's meet up and expedite the process! First come first serve, OBO within 24 hours.

Excursions in Modern Mathematics 5th Ed by Peter Tannenbaum- I bought this brand new. Very good condition, front page is bent, and corner of hardback is slightly bent. ISBN - 0-13-100191-4

Cultural Anthropology 10th ed, by Haviland- I bought this used, it has some wear, and a little bit of highlighting, but overall in decent condition. ISBN - 0-15-506140-2

Faces of Culture, Study Guide For the TeleCourse 8th ed. Haviland- This workbook was also bought used, but is in excellent condition for its age. It is completely answer free (to my knowledge) though it has a little bit of highlighting. Excellent condition. ISBN - 0-15-506204-2

The Story And Its Writer, An Intro to Short Fiction 6th ed by Ann Charters- I bought this book for my Comp English Classes at ACC, new (boy was it expensive then!) The first couple of pages are slightly water logged, so I'd be willing to bargain on it. There is no spine wear, no highlighting, and is generally in excellent condition. ISBN - 0-312-39729-1

Texas Politics and Government, Ideas, Institutions, and Policies 3rd Ed. by Stefan D. Haag, Gary A. Keith, Rex C. Peebles - Bought new, and its still shiny as ever. The cover has a slight curl on one of the corners, but other than that, its in mint condition. ISBN - 0-321-17507-7

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