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textbooks for sale!

Major Problems in the Early Republic
ISBN: 0-669-24332-9
needed it for His 315k. nearly perfect condition.

Chemistry in Context 3rd edition
ISBN: 0-697-36024-5
this i bought used...still in very good condition.

The Heart of Mathematics
ISBN: 1-55953-407-9
used before i got to it. i think it has some writing in it, but'll still end up paying more for it in the CO-OP than i'll give it to you for.


*William H. Goetzmann and William N. Goetzmann. The West of the Imagination. New York: W. W. Norton & Company, 1986.

*Ron Tyler, Prints of the West (Golden, Co.: Fulcrum Publishing, Inc. 1994).

*Concise Anthology of American Literature
published 2001
isbn: 0130289418

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